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Sweet Star Child Speaks!

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Though I haven’t had the time to update the blog lately, fear not — we’ve been hard at work on bands, shows, work travel, record shopping, and a new release, even. Note that I’ve also posted some reviews for your scorn. I am also finishing up a new column and you will all learn about RAILINGS. So without any further hesitation, I announce to you all the availability of  Lion’s Care Recording #023 — SWEET STAR CHILD. 

Sweet Star Child “Speaks” CD / Cassette (Purchase here.) (Listen / Friend him up here.)

Released: November 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR023

Sweet Star Child Speaks is an exploration of the far out sound of interstellar nebulae exploding in stereophonic climax, spurting skies of star children with a pelvic thrust worthy of Kirby’s Galactus giving it to a prolapsed planet.  Sweet Star Child Speaks, in an approximation of ancient forgotten alchemical rituals, distills the secretions of Rock and Roll’s bawdiest frontman: Stanley Harvey Eisen, perhaps known best by his stage name, Paul Stanley.  Sweet Star Child Speaks harnesses those secretions in such a way that the sum of its parts are dwarfed by the Gestalt of it all–the ultimate party cd for the ultimate never-ending rock party.  We take all the sex, all the sleaze, all the sweat and all the screams that one would expect, nay, demand, from the Kiss live show experience, we sharpen it like a shiv and then we shove it in and break it off.  That’s what you get when you buy a copy of Sweet Star Child Speaks.  Left hand magic in the guise of rock and roll overdose. Sweet Star Child realizes it wields the love gun. Sweet Star Child realizes it has nothin’ to lose.

Over 20 minutes of material packaged in a full color cover, hand cut / folded insert sleeve, all autographed by SWEET STAR CHILD personally, and all presented in the trade mark sandwich bag. This is how we do it.


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