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Sweet Star Child Unlimited.

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Fair Flag

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED: A video I shot in Utah.


Hello, here are a few videos for viewing pleasures. Also, I figured I would give a little wintery update on what’s been happening at the Animal Dojo.

BATT LION: BATT LION played our final show ever at the “old” Cedar’s.  The band also made it down to Sincinatti for a show with the SOCIALS and new friends SUBSETS. I had a great time, and hopefully everyone else did as well. New songs are being finished and we are getting ready to record for a spring release. Any labels or people goofy enough to want to help out with this, please contact us. I’m thinking 12″. Special thanks to Adam “Alan”/”Power Windows” for his time and dedication recently. The band is really excited about his drumming.

An explanation — the name BATT LION came from news footage I saw on September 11th. A firefighter was staggering out of the World Trade rubble with a piece of rebar stuck in his helmet through the word BATTALION. It was right through the “A”. He was dying. The end.

RAILINGS: RAILINGS made it through 3 shows. Thanks to RAT FACE, HYSTERIA, ALBUM, and everyone else who played those shows. The group is in the process of picking up a new drummer. It is also possible that we are changing our name to WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED.

DAVID BAY LEAF: Status unknown.


I suggest we all put our positive energy together and demand a new SSC performance.

NEW RELEASES FOR SPRING: OLD CITY/HOMEMADE DRUGS split 7″. Two great Cincy bands together on on affordable package. This is very exciting.

That’s all. xxooKenny.


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