Lion's Care Recordings

Words Of Wisdom.
 “Fuck it. The Soft Alliance, the ‘jobs’… Hopes of bad weather and $5 Sandwiches. Fuck all of it. I said ALL OF IT. Sometimes, a cull is needed”
Here is a ‘Message from the Bubblegum Drop War of Continuing Atrocities ( plastics Division) Front’
“Remember how we use to be free. When was the last time you got something for free. Not just ‘free’ but truly free… But the ‘No strings attached’ brand-o-free; sort-o-free that we can now only remember. Some say Memorial Day is a second Veterans Day… A training dry-run for The 4thy of July… All the holidays are blending into one another these days. Its just another fucking holiday. Remember Holidays? Sure you do. This bullshit yer getting mashed in yer face isnt a holiday, it’s another sale. Reason to buy something. Nothing is for free (anymore) There are no more holidays left. Go take something. Steal something. Create the new-free. Its the only free we have left: criminally free”

A Message from ‘The Front’ via Lions Care Recordings:

The war is still on… When you are dealing with something like the rising of total war, its just not something that is going to just go away verily easy. Total war is going to stick around, if for the forseeable, ever-fucky future. War has to be won motherfuckers! Thank god above that there is now a new weapon at your disposal; the TF HUGE DUDES.

Its been a week so far since the debut of TF HUGE DUDES on LIONS CARE RECORDINGS. If anything, the enemies advances have been stopped… There is a long-term deal allying TF HUGE DUDES with LIONS CARE RECORDINGS in place. @RaulKennedy, originally thought to be MIA avoided that list just barely and was found in good health eating gas station cuisine and continuing the fight; because the war is still on. Remember, war has to be won (motherfuckers).

@RaulKennedy is out there, fighting. Fighting the good, “smothered in ranch dressing” fight. Behind one enemy’s lines, standing before another enemy’s lines, with more enemy at his left and to his right.. Surrounded if you can figure that one out… @RaulKennedy is a fighter. He fights. Thats what fighters do. @RaulKennedy is also a survivor. He survives. Because thats what survivors do. But dont worry, he is a Kennedy after all.

The first installment (“Two Huge Dudes…” 01) wasnt the true first installment. It was actually the 10th. Congrats. Your training and indoctrination into the war has already begun. Your first lesson of #TotalWarRising: expect the unexpected. Nothing is certain. Everything is twisted. After all, this is war… War is sometimes dark and filled with questionable acts. Don’t take it personal. War is hell bruddy. This war MUST be won, and its not going to win itself (motherfuckers).

So with this weeks three-pronged update, the adventure really begins… For real this time. Seriously. These word jams are the very first three ‘pieces’ recorded.

You may listen and enjoy or not. Its your choice. The choice is always yours. You can acknowledge the struggle and fight the war with us or you can ignore it and become its victim; its target.



Till #Victory, #Victory!

#V (official TFHD kill-mark)

Contact the Dudes: (Official e-mail) (@RaulKennedy) (@ShawnAbnoxious)

(“Two Huge Dudes With Doritos” image by Kenny Halbert. All others by TF HUGE DUDES.)


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