Lion's Care Recordings


TF HUGE DUDES is an experimental audio adventure in 80 plus parts, featuring Shawn Abnoxious and Raul Kennedy, roaming Southwestern Ohio in search of “mythical so-called ‘free’ fucking Doritos”. Whether or not they find these free Doritos, it is certain they will discover many things about America — cops wear black but don’t like others who wear black clothing, free Doritos aren’t always free, and what it means to be truly huge.  ”Huge isn’t just a size; its a state of mind, a purpose, a threat… and a prophecy.” – TF HUGE DUDES.

Messages from TF HUGE DUDES.

(12) “… Get SHOT – DOWN” 2:55 seconds. New!
(11) “#Midnight Power” 2:20 seconds. New!
(09) “We Need Kroger’s Man!” 3:15 seconds. New!
(08) “Healthy Fear” 0.24 seconds. New!
(07) “Walk To The Caar” 0:55 seconds.
(06) “Never Stops” 5:02 seconds.
(04) “Finger Holes” 2:25 seconds.
(03) “Stunted” 0:11 seconds.
(02) “Drones / Mr. Grey” 3:10 seconds.
(01) “The Power Of An Idea” 0:56 seconds.
(10 [To be processed first]) “Two Huge Dudes”  1:38 seconds.

Contact the Dudes: (Official e-mail) (@RaulKennedy) (@ShawnAbnoxious)

(“Two Huge Dudes With Doritos” image by Kenny Halbert. All others by TF HUGE DUDES.)

  1. Im the one being thrown around on the fucking Doritos bag…

    • NACHO CHEESE FREE! You are destined! (this offer only applies in the territorial U.S. excluding tropical possessions and not on our couch)

      • The couch is just the beginning. Today the couch, tomorrow the floor!

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