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New Site.

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We have a web site now, found at


Sweet Star Child Unlimited.

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Fair Flag

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED: A video I shot in Utah.


Hello, here are a few videos for viewing pleasures. Also, I figured I would give a little wintery update on what’s been happening at the Animal Dojo.

BATT LION: BATT LION played our final show ever at the “old” Cedar’s.  The band also made it down to Sincinatti for a show with the SOCIALS and new friends SUBSETS. I had a great time, and hopefully everyone else did as well. New songs are being finished and we are getting ready to record for a spring release. Any labels or people goofy enough to want to help out with this, please contact us. I’m thinking 12″. Special thanks to Adam “Alan”/”Power Windows” for his time and dedication recently. The band is really excited about his drumming.

An explanation — the name BATT LION came from news footage I saw on September 11th. A firefighter was staggering out of the World Trade rubble with a piece of rebar stuck in his helmet through the word BATTALION. It was right through the “A”. He was dying. The end.

RAILINGS: RAILINGS made it through 3 shows. Thanks to RAT FACE, HYSTERIA, ALBUM, and everyone else who played those shows. The group is in the process of picking up a new drummer. It is also possible that we are changing our name to WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED.

DAVID BAY LEAF: Status unknown.


I suggest we all put our positive energy together and demand a new SSC performance.

NEW RELEASES FOR SPRING: OLD CITY/HOMEMADE DRUGS split 7″. Two great Cincy bands together on on affordable package. This is very exciting.

That’s all. xxooKenny.

Sweet Star Child Speaks!

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Though I haven’t had the time to update the blog lately, fear not — we’ve been hard at work on bands, shows, work travel, record shopping, and a new release, even. Note that I’ve also posted some reviews for your scorn. I am also finishing up a new column and you will all learn about RAILINGS. So without any further hesitation, I announce to you all the availability of  Lion’s Care Recording #023 — SWEET STAR CHILD. 

Sweet Star Child “Speaks” CD / Cassette (Purchase here.) (Listen / Friend him up here.)

Released: November 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR023

Sweet Star Child Speaks is an exploration of the far out sound of interstellar nebulae exploding in stereophonic climax, spurting skies of star children with a pelvic thrust worthy of Kirby’s Galactus giving it to a prolapsed planet.  Sweet Star Child Speaks, in an approximation of ancient forgotten alchemical rituals, distills the secretions of Rock and Roll’s bawdiest frontman: Stanley Harvey Eisen, perhaps known best by his stage name, Paul Stanley.  Sweet Star Child Speaks harnesses those secretions in such a way that the sum of its parts are dwarfed by the Gestalt of it all–the ultimate party cd for the ultimate never-ending rock party.  We take all the sex, all the sleaze, all the sweat and all the screams that one would expect, nay, demand, from the Kiss live show experience, we sharpen it like a shiv and then we shove it in and break it off.  That’s what you get when you buy a copy of Sweet Star Child Speaks.  Left hand magic in the guise of rock and roll overdose. Sweet Star Child realizes it wields the love gun. Sweet Star Child realizes it has nothin’ to lose.

Over 20 minutes of material packaged in a full color cover, hand cut / folded insert sleeve, all autographed by SWEET STAR CHILD personally, and all presented in the trade mark sandwich bag. This is how we do it.

The Turntable Of Despair.

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The Turntable Of Despair (November Record Reviews).

Here you are — I’ve decided to create a separate category for record reviews. And this is the first installment.

BLOODLOSS “Lost My Head For A Drink” LP

I get so mad deep inside when the glut of music invasion and apathy allow me to miss stuff I really need in my life. This Sydney/Seattle chunk of lost scuzz is just that sort of thing. If you’re not familiar with this band, it was comprised of members of LUBRICATED GOAT, MONKEYWRENCH and Mark Arm of MUDHONEY. And that’s what it sounds like, too. This was laying around unmixed for 10 years — from the liner notes: “This particular LP was made in a triangle shaped studio under the fray filter of sickness, mental illness and general hopelessness. Our ‘manager’ had given the band the heave-ho…We always liked it and like a million other things, always intended to finish off. After sitting on it for a decade, we did and here it is.” And IT is a great record. Unlike many “retro” garage acts of late, this band took their swampy sounds and shot up with gnarly helpings of BEEFHEART, experimentation, and delivered it with a full bag of amazing singers. Comparisons to THE LAUGHING HYENAS with some SWELL MAPS angle and a bit of hard rock… two tracks could even be lost tracks from MOTORCYCLE BOY “Popsicle”, with fuzzy vocals and sax, even. Limited to 1000, and apparently not the hottest seller, as I just picked up a new one 2 years after its release. It appears that this band will never find justice. 12 songs. (DIRTY KNOBBY RECORDS).


Textural, harmonic syncopation and brutal drumming from Chicago — this sounds like an AmRep or Touch and Go release from the rough edges of those catalogues, a sound similar to that of something like TOTAL SHUTDOWN. Total fucking lurching riffs, held onto and stretched into nuclear weapons. And the vocals — really heavy, but not really scream(y) female vox by 2 diff. ladies, latticed by a dude voice, they wail into hypnotizing chants and punctuation of the relentless beats. Heavy rock songs created from dense layers of shriek and drone, wonderfully recorded, and limited to 500 copies for cool cats. Not to mention the mind blowing, silk screened cover. Put on the headphones and shoot it strait into your brain. Not recommended for lazy Sundays — highly recommended for space mosh pits. Also available on cassette. (Permanent Records).


A touch of melodicism (“Kill the President”) and a bucket of dark heaviness (“Kill the President”) dominates this — a great punk rock record. It really pumped my nads to find this recently. It hasn’t been reissued or anything; I just wanted to mention it. There were a bunch of bands from the grunge period who didn’t fit that mold, but benefitted from the genius of Jack Endino (he plays some guitar on this, too). This early C/Z band, though not of the grunge style per se, has that dark sound, and a place in my heart. When I was in high school I would love mentioning this band to new Nirvana fans; who would look at me like I was a total dick. Why do people always look at me like I’m a total dick? This was their second LP. (C/Z Records)


Hammering metal / punk featuring ex – Fucking Champs, Face Down in Shit, Gargantula, Weakling, Total Fucking Shit System, Gorehounds, the Makes Nice, Feces for Warpaint, Damones, Hot Lunch, Uwharria, Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, etc. This is so heavy, with the riffs of METALLICA meeting the boiling punk rock of POISON IDEA. The barking vocals fit in roperly, and the whole thing just does it right. For fans of the heavy and for those with a passing jones for it, this is the record.–aQTpgXo (Kemodo).

KOOLAID “Global Tyranny” LP

A mystery band, this recording apparently showed up on Agitated’s doorstep where it was promptly released. Total psyche explosions featuring searing wah-wah, holy roller rant loops, and repetition, repetition, repetition; all these tracks are over 10 minutes.  While taking a car trip recently, I had to shut this off — it almost pulled my brain and vehicle from the road in a trance of sound. Really like this — like a lo-fi, heavier version of NEU!. Kinda. (Agitated).

To submit a review, please send .zip files or physical copies to one of these two address:, or


2650 Taylor St.

Youngstown, Ohio 44502

Batt Lion / David Bay Leaf split 7″ now available!

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Lion’s Care Recordings’ first vinyl release, out at last, and we couldn’t be more proud. Side A. kicks off with the most low key of supergroups, Akron / Kent, Ohio’s DAVID BAY LEAF. Featuring the vocal and bass work of Robert Glen Ledyard III(RADAR SECRET SERVICE), the baritone guitar of Gabe Schray(HOUSEGUEST), and “Sexual” Scott Davidson(SEXUAL TENSION, former record store operator, dog owner) on drums, these two tracks alleviate the need for sparkles. Tribalistic dance beats hook and nail the bass lines, written by Robert as a cross punctuation to his dreamings of useless detectives and lack of desire to jet ski. Too bad. Rob on a jet ski would sparkle. Schray’s work here is what really makes this haunt– sparse, otherworldly, melodic, melodramatic– the baritone guitar wielded not as a gimmick, but a deeper cut.  “I don’t really mind being left in the dark. Don’t tell me your secrets. It just makes my life hard.” — R. Glen Led III.

Flip it over and BATT LION also has something grand to offer. Record collection fuzz from the planet Youngstown, Ohio, with surf tones meeting up with thick, Mudhoney-esque riffage– Roky fronting UFO, PAGANS and Gordon Lightfoot… “Part Earth”. “Witch’s Wheel” barf stars its way through a nightmare of wah-wah pretend to end at a completely physical riff. The drive train moves here as bass drops, amplifiers gargle, Stratocasters glide, and beauticians swell to the rafters of the sick church.

Hand silk screened cover, random color vinyl courtesy of Gotta’ Groove (Cleveland, Ohio), hand folded, glued insert, 4 songs plus download code that contains and additional two tracks. What a deal. Also, the other Lion’s Care releases are on sale! for a short time. All releases can be ordered here, for now.


There has been a terror of shows since last posting for BATT LION, DAVID BAY LEAF, FISHWIVES. I would especially like to thank FILMSTRIP for playing our record release show and not even accepting money for it, Joe Stilson and all who made Pabstolutely happen this year, plus all the bands. And then this past weekend, the MOON HAIRY / RADAR SECRET SERVICE / BATT LION show was awesome. Thanks JFK and Louie at the incomparable Royal Oaks, and thank you Aspasia, Billy and everyone at Cedar’s, too.

  • There has been a lot of effort put into upping the Lion’s Care distribution ante. If anyone can help with this feel free to contact me.
  • We want to hear more demos. The ones we got suck.
  • Things that might see the light of day this year: ULTRASPHINX 7″, RADAR SECRET SERVICE 7″, BATT LION 7″, SHEARED WING cassette. Also, some talk of older On / On Switch and Rock Action Records represses. A Rock Action box set has even been mentioned. Stay tuned.

Please get in touch! <>

First Annual All Valley Karate Tournament Sponsored By Lion’s Care Recordings And The Animal Dojo Record Release Extravaganza.

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This will be happening this weekend. Make sure to show up early (8:30 – 9ish) to hear the barfy sounds of DJ Goik. Bands to start at 10. Many surprises to be had. Word up. And the DAVID BAY LEAF / BATT LION split 7″ will be available for cash money.


Bone Zone #4 — I Must Review.

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Satan’s Satyrs – “Wild Beyond Belief” LP

I said I would write a review eventually. So I got this thingy. I think I know what a satyr is — lemme’ double check. “4. Any of various butterflies of the family Satyridae, having brown wings marked with eyelike spots.” Hmmm. That doesn’t sound right. Oh, here: “1. often Satyr Greek Mythology A woodland creature depicted as having the pointed ears, legs, and short horns of a goat and a fondness for unrestrained revelry.” I believe “wild” is the interpretation here. Much better. Let’s review. A friend described this to me — “like Midnight but more doomy.” Probably could just end this here but out of boredom, I will continue. And because this rules.

I saw these guys recently, but that’s a different conversation. Let’s stick to the topic, people. Cool insert and poster matching the cover theme. This indeed has a a constant theme running through it. If you can’t figure it out by the cover I cannot help you. The poster leads me to believe this is a one man show — “Starring Claythanas”. Live their drummer hammered. This surprised me, in that apparently Claythanas also hammers (he plays the “subs” live [bass]). Due to rigorous research (I texted one person) I discovered “Clayton” also plays the drums in Terraset. Getting it now.  It seems like there was a larger sub-set of punk and extreme music the would operate like this a bit back, but I am only seeing things through my hazy lenses. I like when people take the time to do it alone, as it’s a difficult thing. It’s often a very rewarding experience to the person making it run and listener alike though — to hear something that is of singular vision. THIS is that.

THIS is pretty violent, blurry, bottom heavy, riff heavy vengeance rock with leads going all over the place. The tempos proceed rather quickly, adding a hint of something like Poison Idea to the mixture. Harshly delivered, echoed out vocals that fall in the proper place — right. And how could you go wrong with a song titled “Strange Robes”? You can’t. But the sounds of basement Candlemass are revved up like the engines on the cover, taking the listener on a ride through the thick burnout stripes of the mind. It’s the constance and the singular vision that will get you there alive, if you prayed to the south. “Alien I’ve always been / Recoil from helping hand / Dusk weighs heavy on my brow / From the start I have been damned.” Amen, brothers and sisters of the motorized hoof.


Trash King Productions

– whereabouts unknown.

Bone Zone #3.

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Singles Ready.

The rapid sharing of information over the electronic web has created an interesting thing to me – the personal single. What the record companies and labels push on the modern public is often quite different from the music tracks I see pushed in blogs, Facey pages, etc. Though not directly linked to the group themselves, these bits of information do serve the same purpose as singles always have, but their origins now differ wildly.

“The basic parameters of the music single were established in the late 19th century, when the gramophone record began to supersede phonograph cylinders in commercial music. Gramophone discs were manufactured with a range of playback speeds (from 16 rpm to 78 rpm) and in several sizes (including 12″/30 cm). By around 1910, however, the 10-inch (25 cm) 78 rpm shellac disc had become the most commonly used format.” ( These though seem to only be singles in terms of length, and it seems to me that the length here was dictated by technology. Let’s fast forward the tape and get a little modern.

A little inter-netting provided this information: “In 1948 the Columbia company had perfected the 12″ Long Playing Vinyl disc. Spinning at 33 rpm the new format could play up to 25 minutes per side. This new record medium also had a much lower level of surface noise than did its older shellac cousin. However, Columbia’s big rival, RCA Victor then produced the seven inch 45 rpm vinyl disc. These could hold as much sound as the 12″ 78 rpm discs they were to replace, but were much smaller and attractive.” ( [07.15.12) If one dismisses the 8-track, cassette tape and compact disk as inferior reproduction systems (as I do),  this talk quickly moves the discussion to present day. In my humble opinion, there is no better format to “enjoy” pre-recorded music than the vinyl record. And the vinyl record is still the preferred format to many a fan, audiophile, and punk rocker alike.

The first number one single on the Billboard Chart was Harry Bellefonte, in 1945. Since then, history shows that recorded music can be a very interesting snapshot of the United States, United Kingdom, and an influence on the globe. By the end of the 1960’s and more properly the ‘70’s, album oriented rock (A.O.R.) emerged as the critical focus. But tunes like “Cherokee People” and towards the end of the ‘70’s disco, kept the singles spinning.

The 1980’s and the newly formed Music Television Network was a hotbed for “one hit wonders”. Get the hit, sell the hit, dismiss the maker and move on. Contrary to the vapid nature of this culture though, sprang new growth in the 7” single. And tape trading. And these could be very much personal. Labor of love pressings, bands doing it themselves, and even lager independent labels trying to cash on the latest trends kept the singles flowing. Tape trading is very relevant to the discussion here though, as these tapes were often personal tracks being “promoted” by the compiler. But what these formats were gaining towards the purely personal was nothing compared to the immediacy of the internet.

As music is such a large, virtually all-consuming part of my life, I often find it to be an easier barometer of the moods and actions of the people listening to it than their words. And the access to different genre examples of high quality sounds creates many an eclectic music fan. A person listening to Stalin at midnight and Fresh Blueberry Pancakes the next evening (and posting it) gives away much about their disposition and mood at that time. And that can be very very personal. A DJ of sorts is born through these posts, and they can be far more effective than simple words can express. What am I listening to right now? Cleveland Indians talk radio, but that’s how it goes. I find it calming.



August 18th – David Bay Leaf / Batt Lion 7″ release at Cedar’s in Youngstown, Ohio. You will see: David Bay Leaf, Batt Lion, Fishwives (new 7″ in the works), Filmstrip, TF Hugedudes, and MC’d by DJ Manni Goik. Special guests TBA.

Pound Town City Limits – 3rd On Fourth. Magical Episode #3.

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Pound Town City Limits – 3rd On Fourth. 57:16. Track Listing.


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Batt Lion: The Professor and Kenny.

Batt Lion: El Tharp.


Batt Lion: Kenny in Deep Patrick Ewing Sweat.

Batt Lion: Color.

Batt Lion: Analog.

Light Stuff.

David Bay Leaf: Scott.

David Bay Leaf: Robert Glen Ledyard.

David Bay Leaf.

David Bay Leaf.

David Bay Leaf: Scott. Gabe.

David Bay Leaf: Scott. Gabe.

David Bay Leaf: Scott. Gabe.

Batt Lion: Dumb Kenny.

Katie Joy.

The End.