Lion's Care Recordings

Stuff We Are Selling (Lion’s Care Recordings Label).

7″, CD, and Cassette Releases (Available from our online store):

Sweet Star Child “Speaks” CD / Cassette

Released: November 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR023

Sweet Star Child Speaks is an exploration of the far out sound of interstellar nebulae exploding in stereophonic climax, spurting skies of star children with a pelvic thrust worthy of Kirby’s Galactus giving it to a prolapsed planet.  Sweet Star Child Speaks, in an approximation of ancient forgotten alchemical rituals, distills the secretions of Rock and Roll’s bawdiest frontman: Stanley Harvey Eisen, perhaps known best by his stage name, Paul Stanley.  Sweet Star Child Speaks harnesses those secretions in such a way that the sum of its parts are dwarfed by the Gestalt of it all–the ultimate party cd for the ultimate never-ending rock party.  We take all the sex, all the sleaze, all the sweat and all the screams that one would expect, nay, demand, from the Kiss live show experience, we sharpen it like a shiv and then we shove it in and break it off.  That’s what you get when you buy a copy of Sweet Star Child Speaks.  Left hand magic in the guise of rock and roll overdose. Sweet Star Child realizes it wields the love gun. Sweet Star Child realizes it has nothin’ to lose.

Over 20 minutes of material packaged in a full color cover, hand cut / folded insert sleeve, all autographed by SWEET STAR CHILD personally, and all presented in the trade mark sandwich bag. This is how we do it.











Batt Lion / David Bay Leaf split 7″

Released: September 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR022

Lion’s Care Recordings’ first vinyl release, out at last, and we couldn’t be more proud. Side A. kicks off with the most low key of supergroups, Akron / Kent, Ohio’s DAVID BAY LEAF. Featuring the vocal and bass work of Robert Glen Ledyard III(RADAR SECRET SERVICE), the baritone guitar of Gabe Schray(HOUSEGUEST), and “Sexual” Scott Davidson(SEXUAL TENSION, former record store operator, dog owner) on drums, these two tracks alleviate the need for sparkles. Tribalistic dance beats hook and nail the bass lines, written by Robert as a cross punctuation to his dreamings of useless detectives and lack of desire to jet ski. Too bad. Rob on a jet ski would sparkle. Schray’s work here is what really makes this haunt– sparse, otherworldly, melodic, melodramatic– the baritone guitar wielded not as a gimmick, but a deeper cut.  “I don’t really mind being left in the dark. Don’t tell me your secrets. It just makes my life hard.” — R. Glen Led III.

Flip it over and BATT LION also has something grand to offer. Record collection fuzz from the planet Youngstown, Ohio, with surf tones meeting up with thick, Mudhoney-esque riffage– Roky fronting UFO, PAGANS and Gordon Lightfoot… “Part Earth”. “Witch’s Wheel” barf stars its way through a nightmare of wah-wah pretend to end at a completely physical riff. The drive train moves here as bass drops, amplifiers gargle, Stratocasters glide, and beauticians swell to the rafters of the sick church.

Hand silk screened cover, random color vinyl courtesy of Gotta’ Groove (Cleveland, Ohio), hand folded, glued insert, 4 songs plus download code that contains and additional two tracks. What a deal.

Fishwives s/t CD + Cassette

Released: March 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR021

Listen: Intentions Of Minds / Places mp3.

For the wheel to wheel purists and digital goons: 5 tracks of phasing, fast post – hardcore that never loses its hard, swirling edge. Highlighted by an angry, dual vocal attack found in the best Husker Du, the music cuts and burns a swath greater than the sum of its two man parts. And no, there are no guitar overdubs. Noisy, fucked up, and completely on point; I’m so happy we could get this released. RIYL: Moss Icon, Tiny Hawks, Gravity stuff. Recorded in two sessions by Kenny at The Animal Dojo.

Cover: 4” x 5”, hand-screened outer sleeve with photocopied inner card. Hand painted cassettes. All presented in a glorious sandwich bag.

Batt Lion “Casual War” CD

Released: January 2012

Label: Lion’s Care Recordings / LCR020

Listen: That Was Not My Voice mp3.

For the analog lover in you, and the pod slave; 7 songs of fast ‘70’s psyche / proto-metal and beyond. A cloud of no-nonsense drumming and Entwistle bass lines create a sub-station for launch into punk rock stars. Fuzzed out riffage and dexterous surf leads smash together in orbit, with Kenny’s high register odes to drug pain, broken promises, and Jeeps as the story line. RIYL bands with colors in their names: Agent Orange, Black Flag, Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd, Red Crayola, Whitehouse. I know that black and white are not colors. Recorded by Kenny and Thomas at The Animal Dojo.

Cover: 4” x 5” photocopied outer sleeve with hand folded / glued / stamped inner workings. All presented in a glorious sandwich bag.



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